Awakening Consciousness Retreats
with Maya Soaringsunmaya-holding-light-crop

There’s a Spark Waiting To Be Ignited
Transcend Perceived Limitations
Into Joyful Self-Actualization
Awaken as Conscious

“The Awakening of Consciousness is the next
evolutionary step for mankind.”   Eckhart Tolle

Interactive programs focused on Transformational Practices of Hawaiian Huna.
Creative Expression through playful drumming, dancing, singing, painting.
Quiet Time for Yoga, Meditation and Reflection

Health Conscious Meals and Housing included.
Retreat times and locations will be updated as scheduled.

1. Awaken Conscious Manifestation

Everything is Manifestation in Creation. The purpose of this retreat is to recognize experiences  repeating in our lives as subconscious programs directing manifestation.  Through Huna practices these outdated beliefs are accessible for release.  The ‘field’ of our experience is then clear to Transcend the Illusion of Limitation and Consciously Co-Create our experiences. It is your birth right to Live Full Potential Abundance, Health, Prosperity, Love, and Self-Realization.

      • Learn to Understand Conscious. or SubConscious, Intentions as Vibrations of Attraction
      • Learn to Recognize and Release Outdated Subconscious Resistance
      • Learn to receive information and work with synchronicity as opportunity
      • Learn to Take Positive Action and Live Aloha
        * Arrive …ready to thrive!

2. Awaken Conscious Creativity
to Expand Creative Energy.

3. Awaken Conscious Health

  4. Awaken Conscious Relationships

to  Life at a Deeper More Fulfilling Level. 

                        5. Awaken Conscious Unity


Mystic Spirituality of Hawaiian Huna



Maya Rainbow

 Walk Truth
  Live Purpose
   Life Force Full

               Drum Circle     Circle sharing     Beach Yoga

                                                                             Maya Hi crop     Maya Soaringsun
Maya Soaringsun, as a meta-conscious artist, healer, conscious living coach, spiritual guide, and combines visionary insights, training in energy medicine as applied to quantum physics and how we shape our world, experience and training in Hawaiian Huna as a practical guide to transforming our perceptions, evisionary artist, composer, spiritual teacher, facilitator of Hawaiian Huna and Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Maya combines theories on energy medicine as applied to quantum physics and how we shape our world with our thoughts, her meta-conscious ability to ‘see’ beyond the visible world into fields of nature spirit consciousness and her lyrically invoking  songs to accompany an inspiring  journey into inner wisdom and Awakened Consciousness through sacred teachings of Hawaiian Huna.

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 Sound Healing for Children by Maya

Sing and HumSing and Hum -by Maya and Mari is an illuminating picture book and inspiring CD, providing an interactive approach for families to playfully use music and sound healing as a simple yet powerful coping tool for children’s  everyday challenges.  The soundtrack is produced around the ancient Solfeggio tones and has shown amazing results in soothing children. Visit to learn more or order. Sing and Hum is available as as App for iPhone and iPad to calm and entertain children anywhere. View a short video about Sing and Hum HERE