Maya’s Magical Garden

Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.” – Nikola Tesla

Maya MetaConscious Art is a visionary exploration into ‘spaces’… ‘fields’… ‘beyond’… ‘through’… the natural world. The viewer is awakened into a  conscious experience of an anthropomorphized ‘dimension of consciousness’ that defines, organizes, shapes the flowers, forests, trees …or speaks through waves. Maya MetaConscious Art seeks to not only awaken the ‘minds eye’ to ‘see’ dimensions further than the pictorial aspect of nature, but to also realize the essence of those dimensions, what is being communicated, and their relation to us as human beings.

“Meta” means both through and beyond ‘the ‘reality’  we all see… transcending… more comprehensive…at a higher state of development, or consciousness.  MetaConscious Art seeks to uncover ‘the reality’ that is hiding behind the veils of Polarized Consciousness, inspiring  emerging perception of a MultiDimensional Unified Consciousness.  

MetaConscious Art could be considered a Sacred Art in that it  tries to depict reality as a whole, serving as a tool for the Evolution of Consciousness.   The MetaConscious individual would perceive the oneness in all things… seeing everything and everyone in their right relation to one another …and to the whole, the One.  Working from this MetaConscious perspective perhaps we will truly begin to heal the planet. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. “ Albert Einstein.  


MetaConscious Art and the Dimensional Shift

We are at a time in human history, a ‘New Age’ , in which the Veils are thinning between Third Dimension Physical Consciousness, Forth Dimension Metaphysical Consciousness, and Fifth Dimension Unity Consciousness.  These dimensions are not separate realities,  but different levels of the ‘One’ reality.  Science has entered into an understanding that there is a unified field, a synchronistic oneness, unlimited and ever expanding. Though living forms express themselves individually and feel a unique separateness from this field, there is an unifying connection to a web of existence which animates life. The meta-conscious paintings of Maya serve as a visual catalyst to assist in the assimilation of this awakening perception. The illusive imagery depicting a living consciousness intimately inter-osculating with aspects of nature, inspires us into a visual journey of the cohesive unity of these multi-dimensional fields of consciousness.Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensions

Third Dimension – Observed – Material World
Physical. Matter. Vibration at it densest.Separation from totality of being. Observation of Maya paintings through the lense of third dimension sees only the beautiful nature scene..

Fourth Dimension – Observing – Magical World
Meta-physical. Realm of deva, elemental, muse, angel. Higher dimensional state of development and vibratory rate. Observation of Maya paintings through lense of fourth dimension sees deva/elemental fields of imagery interwoven beyond the nature scene.

Fifth Dimension – Observer – Miraculous World
Cosmic Consciousness. Unity Consciousness. The unifying principal system of design by Infinite Intelligence revealing a pattern, a grid, that unifies all creation, held together by sacred geometry. Observation of Maya paintings through lens of fifth dimension opens peripheral vision to see expanded subliminal image that encompasses the entire nature scene inclusive  of and cohesive with the meta-physical ‘deva’ and physical ‘natural’ imagery. The metaconscious ‘observer’ has the ability to see ‘observer …observing … observed . .Once this multidimensional meta-consciousness has permeated all visual fields the awakened state will become a type of cosmic universal conscious awareness of the permeating matrix of creation.

Mana of Aloha

“We may think of-ourselves as multi-dimensional beings with portions of ourselves residing in all these inter-dimensional fields. In essence, these is referred to as your higher selves. As you learn to access those aspects of your being by virtue of your thought processes, what you are learning to do is to integrate them, simultaneously. You are learning to move your consciousness through the matrix of creation..”

Unified Fields of Parallel Realities

Seemingly infinite images, morphing, inter-osculating, within the Field paintings, show how ‘the observer’ is co-creating ‘the reality’ they see in the painting by what is focused on. One small shift in focus can create an entirely new, or parallel reality, from the one just observed, moving into yet another…with new possibilities appearing anytime we expand or shift our perception. Is a quantum event, a parallel reality, a simple shift in focus?

Interlocking Matrix Revealed
I first noticed a grid/matrix pattern of nature during an ‘Advanced Mindscape’ training.  In a shamanic fashion I merged my ‘awareness’ with the top of a giant white oak tree.  It was late fall and the leaves were covering the ground in their seeming wild and windy way.  As  I observed the whimsical carpet from the vantage point of the top of this oak tree I saw a vision that every leaf was held in place by a large linear symmetrical pattern, or grid, curving over the field beneath the trees.. In its innocent, naive to conscious knowing way, each leaf fallen into placement as if a magnetic matrix had attracted it to the exact perfect place in the pattern of nature.

In further meditative observing of a forest through expanded peripheral vision all forms seem to dissolve into a cohesive coherent pattern very similar to the computer generated grid of ‘Magic Eye Art’. Is ‘reality’ perceived/created through our direct attention into this grid/matrix, as the Field paintings suggest?  In observing composition of a painting I have contemplated that when a composition is complete….even to the minute shifting of one line….the cohesion and ‘truth’ of the composition must have attached to the sacred geometry grid of this unified field..

Maya in Wonderland

Parallel Realities
Parallel Reality seems  to denote a space between perceived possibilities of dimensions in time or alternate existences or parallel universes, that they exist side by side or in a straight line. In observing the field paintings and the grid  matrix  the vision I see is they are all interconnected, interwoven in one pattern of ‘reality’.  Seems we can alternate among them all at any moment.  What keeps us in the same ‘reality’ is preprogrammed perceptual modeling. We tend to keep manifesting in the reality we are familiar with. There is a barrier that separates these ‘realities’…fear of the unknown. New possibilities are already manifest, yet to experience the reality is a leap of faith into the unknown …one cannot  enter until one enters….paradox. .The correct quantum mechanical definition of parallel universes is “universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event.” Yet as is apparent in The Field paintings, nothing has gone anywhere, you are still playing in the same ‘reality’ just focusing on another aspect of IT.

Maya MetaConscious Art and The Awakening
Many ancient prophesies speak of a great shift that our planet, in fact our entire galaxy, is about to undergo. These prophecies say that the third dimension is collapsing into the fourth and fifth dimension. It is through the understanding of ourselves as multidimensional beings that we may fully appreciate what is happening on earth. Maya’s magical transcendental paintings become a tool for the evolution of consciousness, a visual tour of awakening multidimensional perception through the reality of Nature, which blends into Unity with Universal Intelligent Matrix that weaves itself through every aspect of creation.

3,4,5 D
3D The Material World
One seeks retirement and grows Old
4D The Magical World
One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser
5D  The Miraculous World
One seeks nothing and grows Lighter

  1.  Charles Sabourin ‘Multidimensional Evolutionary Psychology’