Garden of Humanity The Garden of Humanity inspires a MetaConscious Awakening into InterDimensional Realms of Nature Spirit.  Journey into the Deva Elemental dance of  co-creation… the tango of manifestation….exploring possibilities of parallel realities within fields of nature.  The vibrant impressionist paintings of flowers and forests distract the eye with their familiar beauty… while further observation sees beyond this captivating illusion into a mystical magical expression of a personified consciousness dancing cohesively within the Garden of Creation.   Review the Garden of Humanity book for a full journey into the depths of this collection.
Mana o I’O -Spirit of Hawai’i  I’O could possibly be ascribed to  Infinite Oneness, Infinite Zero, Infinite Mind,  and ‘Mana’, as the  indeterminate invisible life force, or creative essence that permeates everything. In true natural state of being One with everything, differences between element, human and divine do not exist.  The I’O permeates and all is ‘pono’.  The invisible living spirit found in plants, trees, the ‘āina, in waves,  mountains, the volcano and the sky, is the ‘Mana o I’O’.  The powerful natural ‘mana’ of the primal elements that dominate and shape the mystical and exquisite Hawaiian Islands is revered and personified as Gods and Goddesses.  Pele, the creative fiery passion of the volcano, Poli’ahu, the Goddess of the snowy peaks of Mauna O WaKea, Maui, who lassos the sun, Hina, who rides the rainbow to the moon, can be found emerging as Deities in the Spirit of Hawaii ‘ Mana o I’O ‘ collection. They worshipped their one true God and creator of life – “I” (pronounced E)!  The God “I” was so revered that His name was not uttered aloud.  When they combined their respectful thoughts, love, and energy of “I” with their actions, the word became “I`O” and came to represent the daily lifestyle of the ahupua`a.
Waves of Enlightenment of Gaia
Waves of Enlightenment of Gaia’ take you on a visionary journey into ’Waves’ of a ‘Cosmic Universal Ocean’ inspiring and invoking an Awakened Consciousness on Earth. The ‘Waves of Enlightenment of Gaia’ paintings offer visionary insights and poetic inspirations to understand and embrace the evolutionary changes of the Awakened Consciousness of this New Age, guiding us to find the inner navigation through this transition to successfully raise the vibrations of our actions, our children, our relationships, our understanding of challenge, faith, miracles, and to ‘Surf the Waves’ of the ‘Enlightenment of Gaia’.
InterDimensional Dolphins and Mermaids
InterDimensional Dolphins are inspired from lucid dolphin dreams and visitations. It is believed that dolphins have the ability to communicate inter-dimensionally and awaken the Divine Heart. The Dolphins bring to our Oceans the UniVersal Vibration of Joy and Playfulness, reminding us that to live InJoy is to be connected to our true nature ….and that of the Cosmic Ocean ‘mana’ or Life Force.