maya photoMaya Soaringsun is a Visionary Artist. Along with depicting the natural beauty of nature … the meta-conscious mind of Maya leads her brush into mystical realms. Her impressionist paintings explore vast expansive possibilities of a playful, illusive personified dimension of consciousness within nature.  Perhaps Devas, Elementals, Earth Goddesses are revealing themselves, through these visionary playgrounds of parallel realities, to remind us  to ask this dimension of consciousness for assistance in healing the planet. Maya takes you Soaring on a journey you remember from some far away place…through and beyond the reality we all can see… dancing through fields of illusion.

“As an impressionist I seek painterly interpretations of the natural world through expressive strokes of color. At first these impressions shape the beautiful images of nature we creatively solidify as ‘the reality’. As images begin to reveal themselves dancing through ‘the natural reality’ of the paintings, inter-dimensional fields of consciousness begin to expose the illusive dance, known as ‘Maya’.  “In Hindu philosophy the goddess Maya is like a veil, being the world that we perceive, while at the same time hiding the deeper reality that is the truth (Brahman).” ‘Maya’ , the illusive dance of ‘reality’, distracts us from essence. I search within the nature for essence…the dance of essential cohesive manifestation…the tango…the pulse of sacred duality…upon whose marriage opens the gateway to One Mind Infinite Divine Creative Force.”

“As an artist I am here to influence and awaken our perception of reality…to make the meta-conscious fields of nature visible reveal what underlies everything and open the door to expansive perceptual possibilities we all innately share, assisting the shift of collective agreement into unity consciousness with the living earth.”  As we observe unified multi-dimensional fields through the Maya paintings we awaken the mind to see supra-conscious infinite possibilities and become present to the process of the awakening of all creation during this amazing time on earth.